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WHO IS JESUS       Iwent to a king and asked him: Whois Jesus?He said, He is the King of Kings.I went to a prince and asked him:Who is Jesus? He said, He is the Prince of peace. I

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Best Woman         I met this pretty lady some few years back, she approached me and initiated a chat with me. She was driving an SUV that day. We finally exchanged contacts. She works as a senior

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Pack Your Things

One day, Me and my girlfriend were seriously having a go- shouting and throwing insult- at each other. Then I suddenly said to her, ”PACK YOUR THINGS AND…” At that moment, a phone call came in for her, so I

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Most Beautiful Girl

KWAME: Hey GIRL: Hi! What are you doing? KWAME: Texting the most beautiful girl in the world. GIRL: Aww! How cute! Frackson: Yes, but she is not replying, so, I’m texting you.

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