What blood convenant



The Negative side Of Blood Covenant.


I still want to lay emphasis on this issue of blood covenant.


Blood covenant is a strong agreement or an oath made between two lovers which must

involve the sharing, liking or exchanging of Blood. In this process, the two lovers must agree

on one thing which none of them will go against it, the penalty of breaking the agreement is

death for both lovers.

Love is the sweetest thing in this life after God and Money, the main reason while people

go into blood covenant is just because they are in love but that love is a wicked love.

If any of the two covenanted lovers go against their agreement, his or her reward is

death, if

truly you love me, why will you wish me death?.

Dont think that nobody on earth will be like that your lover and you want to do a blood covenant

with him or her, blood covenant comes in when there is no trust from both lovers.


1. It kills

2. The death of your lover will lead to your own death.

3. Its not easy to break it.

4. Its just an opportunity for the devil to destroy your life.

5. You can never live a free life again after a blood covenant.

6. It will course you pains.

7. Its an easy way to shorten your life.

8. It will take you to hell

8. Its not the will of God for You.


There are many more dangers attached to this, but let me advice you, dont allow anything on this

earth to push you into a blood covenant, no matter the level or love, no matter the pressure, never

you do a blood covenant with anybody because tomorrow you might meet somebody better than that your

lover now, you might change your mind, something might happen along the line, the devil is so wicked,

he will push you to do a blood covenant and after which he will use it and useless your life and at the

end you will still die.

If that boy or girl asked that you guys should do a blood covenant, please reject the offer, once you

do it, you will have no peace in your life again.

A guy and a girl did a blood covenant, the girl was still a virgin until that fateful day when the boy

wanted to dis-virgin her, she told him that she is still a virgin but she will allow him to dis-virgin her

but on one condition, the condition is that the boy will marry her, the boy agreed but the girl said that

he did not trust the boy and the only way to trust him is to do a blood covenant with him, the boy foolishly

agreed because he want to have s*x, they did a blood covenant and they agreed to marry themselves and if any of


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