Too late to for give

Stage 1.
There was a girl called Binta, a trained christian lady who fears God, she grew up 
with the fear of God because the parents never allowed her to mess up herself.
Binta is a virgin and a real virgin indeed, she dont have a boyfriend and she dont
visit any man in his house.

Stage 2.
When Binta was 17years old, she graduated from High Community Girls Secondary school and she
is well educated.
She never had the time to relate with men because in her school, they are all girls, the school
is just for ladies only.
The parents dont want her to relate with men, so they put her in that very School.

During her secondary School days, the parents have two cars, they normally drive her to school and
after school, they will go and pick her up.
Binta have a personal driver, the driver is a young man aswell.
Binta is a beautiful lady that all men will wish to have her as a wife. everything about her is just
beautiful, you cannever pass across her without looking back, she is the true definition of beauty.
Stage 4.
Binter personal driver fell inlove with her and propose to her to be his girlfriend, Binta rejected
the offer because the guy is just her driver, she later told her mum about the proposal and without hesitation,
the mum sacked the driver just because she want to protect her daughter.
She now employed a female driver for her knowing fully well that she is now secured.

Stage 5.
When Binta was about 21 years old, she got an admission into higher institution, she was exposed to the world, she
met different categories of people in the university, she now have a boyfriend and she now a hot girl, but above all
Binta still kept her virginity.
Binta was really inlove with her boyfriend, his name is James and both of them agreed to marry each other after school.

Stage 6.
One day Binat Boyfriend invited her to his house, Binta never wanted to go but because of the love she had for him, she
later went and when she got there, the boy tried to have s*x with her but she refused and told the boy that she is still
a virgin, the boy did not agree with her.
The next day, the boyfriend took her to the hospital and the doctor confirmed to him that Binta is still a virgin.
This made the boy to love her the more and promised to marry her.

Stage 7.
Both of them dated until they all graduated from the university, After their graduation, they both went to their different
destinations (Home) but they still communicate on phone.
When Binta got to her town, she started working but the job was not that ok with her, she was just managing it.
In her company, there was this cute handsome guy who fell inlove with Binta, his name is Chuma, 
the boy followed her up, and was too close with her,
Although Binta have a boyfriend [James] who promised to marry her but because of distance barrier she decided to accept Chuma for
the main time, having it mind to marry James later.

Stage 8.
The relationship between Binta and Chuma became very tight and strong, they never promised to marry each other but they loved 
their selves.
One Saturday Night when Binta was going to Vigil, she decided to visit Chuma that night before going, when she got to his house, chuma
started telling her sweet words and how he loved her, both of them lay on the same bed gisting and smiling, that very night, chuma disvirgined
Binta and she did not go to the vigil again, she slept in his house and she went back the next day to her house pretending asif she came back
from vigil.
Binta was not happy that she have lost it but there is nothing she can do about it.

stage 9.
After 2months from the day chuma slept with Binta, he dumped her and started dating another girl, it was then Binta knew that Chuma did not love her
but was after her body and now that he have slept with her, he now dumped her.
After 6months, Binta’s real boyfriend James visited Binta in her house and was ready to marry her, this was the same guy that took Binta to the hospital
and it was confirmed to him that she is a virgin.
James asked Binta if she is a virgin, but out of shame she said yes and James paid her pride price and took her as wife.

Stage 10.
That very Night after their wedding, James was so happy that finally he married a virgin.
The next day in the mid-night around 12:am, James pulled his clothes and wanted to have s*x with his wife Binta, she started crying and pleading that James
should forgive her that she have lost the virginity, James never believed it until he incited his man-hood into her and truly she have lost it.
James could not bear it because he asked her for the second time if she was still a virgin, she lied and said yes because of shame.
James sent her back to her parents and that was how the newly married couple separated after 2days of marriage.

Advice: Try to be yourself and never you claim to be whom you are not.
Quote: The you in you makes you the you you are.


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