The Story Of The Blind And The Criple.
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One day a blind man and a cripple man was accused of stealing, they went and pluck a man’s fruit in his farm land,
the man did not catch them when they were stealing it, they where caught after they stole the fruits.
Nobody believed that a cripple and a blind man can go for stealing, everybody was surprised.
The man that caught them was still wondering how they made their way to his farm land and he decided to ask them.
The blind man and the cripple man explained how they succeeded in that very act.
The cripple man was the one that brought the ideal but the blind man said “No We Cant”,
the cripple man told the blind man
that its very possible for them.
They joined their wisdom together and it was possible, the blind man carried the cripple man on his shoulder and the cripple
man was directing him on the paths to follow, since the blind cannot see, the cripple man can see for him and since the cripple man
cannot walk, the blind man walked for him and they both succeeded.
Lesson: I have something that you dont have, and you have something i dont have too, if both of us plan very well, then we make progress.
You might have the cash while i have the ideal of how to use the cash you have and make more cash, why not bring the cash and i will bring
my ideal and we both set a goal and archive it with what we have.
In this Life dont be too stingy trying to archive success only by yourself, you need more hands.
Dont pretend you know something while you dont know it, always ask questions.
Dont feel you are the boss and there is nothing you can learn from others, there might be.
Invest more and earn more.
Even when God created Adam, he knew that Adam needed a helper and he created Eve.
Never relent on your own wisdom, try to learn from others aswell.
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