The Reward For Truth”
Try to read and Learn from it.
Scene 1.
There is a girl called Sandra who was in ss3, she is a very beautiful and nice girl,
she dont have a boyfriend or who will be giving her money.
As a lady she needed money to keep her self and to buy necessary things when


Scene 2.
One day they asked them to pay 500 naira in school, she knew very well that her uncle will give her the money but she need another 500 naira for another important thing. [personal need].
She have it in mind to lie to her uncle and tell him that they were asked to pay 1000 naira instead of 500 naira.
Scene 3.
On her way back from somewhere, she met her friend Blessing on the way who reminded her about the 500 naira they asked them to pay in school, she concluded in her mind to lie to her uncle and tell him its 1000 naira.
Scene 4.
When she wanted to go and knock at her uncles door, one mind was tell her to say its 1000 naira while the
other mind was telling her to say the truth.
Finally she knocked at the uncle’s door and when the uncle opened the door, he asked her what’s the problem,
she said that they asked them to pay 500 naira in school [She did not lie].
The uncle put hand in his pocket and brought out 1000 naira and gave to her, he told her to pay 500 naira from the money and use the remaining 500 naira to buy anything she likes.
Scene 5.
She collected the money and was very happy because she didnt lie but God still touched the heart of her unlce and
she was given 1000 naira.
Note: In every situation you may find your self, God knows about it, dont allow frustration to lead you into destruction,
always say the truth no matter how hard it is, you might get what you want with a lie but at the end you will regret it.
Please always be truthful at all cost.REWARD OF THE TRUTH

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