9 different Types Of Wives and their characters

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9 different Types Of Wives and their characters.

1. BOXING WIVES : These are the type of wives that fight with
their husbands delibrately just to provoke him to anger…These
kind of women are ready to fight with the husband mostly in the
public area to create a scene.
2. HEADMASTER WIVES : These are the wives that are well paid in
either their career or business but they disrespect and put their
husband down because they have the financial edge over their
3. POLICE WIFE : This type is very common. These are the wives
that inspect or police their husbands everywhere they go…When

the husband goes to the bathroom they pick up his phone to
quickly check his messages…If the husband makes a call they hide
behind the door to listen to every conversation…When the
husband goes out they make sure he is followed and has friends
that keep an extra eye on the husband activities.
4. DICTIONARY WIFE : These are the wives that don’t listen to the
advise of their husband but rather prefer to listen to their mother
or sister or friend…Whenever their husband says something, they
quickly go to verify from either the mother,sister, friend e.t.c like a
dictionary to know if she should go ahead with what their
husband advised or not.
5. PARTY WIVES : They prefer to buy every available asoebi and
shoe and bag to attend any available party even though her family
does not have enough financial muscle to absorb such
expenses…They are readily available at every party and owambe
thereby neglecting their children, husband and home…
6. PAMPERED WIVES : These are also known as daddy’s
girl…They call and report their husband to their father at any slight
argument or conversation…The rich ones are very dangerous
especially when the husband is working directly for the father…
7.DUSTBIN WIVES ; The name might sound harsh but they
exist…These wives leave the home unkempt and you only see
them rushing to clean the house only when they have a visitor at
the door…There are several occasions where some husbands get
home after a day’s work only to find the house upside down and
8. GOD FEARING WIVES : They are caring and loving. Provides
emotional needs and creates extra time for the family. Support
their family/husband with prayers and are very responsible.
Treats the husband and family with due respect.
9. FACEBOOK WIVES : they are always on the internet, instagram,
posting pictures with twisted legs, chatting and even forget to do
basic chores because they want to know what is happening on FACEBOOK.


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