Pls say after me with Faith !!

I shall not beg to eat.��
I shall not be ashamed.��
I shall not be cursed.
I shall not cry over loved ones.��
I shall not be mocked.��
I shall not be a victim of hired killers.��
I shall not be a victim of accidents.��
I shall not be sorrowful.��
��I shall be great.
��I shall be fruitful.
��I shall be victorious.
��I shall be celebrated.
��I shall be successful.
��I shall be favoured.
��I shall be blessed in abundance.
��I shall be prosperous.
��I shall have joy unspeakable.
��I shall have peace beyond limits.
��I shall make it.
��I shall testify.
��I shall be lifted high beyond falling.
��I shall excel in all that i do.
��I shall be called Wonderful.
��Where the road is thirsty of flesh and blood my family n i with my beloved ones will not go there.
�� The evil ones will not
know my dwelling place.
Death messengers will
not know my address.
The miracles in the year
shall locate my household
��My heart desires will not be cut-short.
I will not cry because of you��
I pray for you, in the remaining weeks of this year,


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