God Is Watching II

The following below are some of the lies people update on Facebook…

You buy some cheap underwear at a Bend-down-select under market (bootleg market) and on Facebook you write: I love Gucci underwear *God is watching you*

You’re a married man with 2 kids and on Facebook you always claim to be single. *God is watching you*

Youre are drinking ice water and you update: Im drinking Johnny Walker on the rocks *God is watching you*

Youre in the house Listening to a radio but you update: Watching Avengers at the cinemas. *God is watching you*

You sell retail biscuit, airtime and chewing gums in a grocery shop and you update: Had a long day in the office. *God is watching you*

You are waiting for a bus/taxi and you update: Stuck in traffic. Thank God for the air conditioner in my car. *God is watching you*

You are using some fake Chinese phone and you update your status: My laptop is slow. *God is watching you*

You are in some fake slum and you update your status: Near Mayfair Garden Lekki *God is watching you*

Your real name is Bizibu/Kekimirenzyo/Musa/frackson or some funny names and on Facebook you call yourself ‘Mcute Pretty’ ‘Bootylicious Fly’ *God is watching you*

You can add other lies people post on Facebook in the comment box below…


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