✔You Were Born In A First Class
Clinic, I Was Delivered At Home
But We Both Survived.
✔You Went To APrivate School And I Went To Bright Future high school (Goverment) But We Both In The Same Varsity/ College.
✔You Woke Up From The Bed And I Woke From The Floor But We Both Had A Peaceful Rest.
✔You Drank Hennessy & Champagne & I Drank four cousins Wine But We Both Still
Got Drunk.
✔Your Outfits Are All Expensive, Mine Are All Simple And Cheap But We Still Cover Our Nakedness.
✔You Ate Fried Rice And Roasted
Chicken, I Ate Pap And Tomato
But We Still Ate To Our Satisfaction.
✔You Ride On Lexus Jeep And I Use Public Transport But We Still
Got To Our Various Destination.
✔You May Be Reading This Post From Your Sony Xperia, q10, iphone6+ and I Typed It With My Outdated Nokia,tecno d7 and
But We Still see The Same Thing…
✔✔✔You See Life Isn’t About What You Don’t Have But About What You Have and How You
See Yourself.
✔One Is Only Poor If They Choose To Be. Make Yourself Proud And Keep The Hustling
Spirit Going & Remember Better Days Are Coming Because After
a Dark Tunnel There Is Always Light…
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