5ive undeniable Facts of Life :
👉1. Don’t educate your children to be rich. Educate them to be Happy so whennthey grow up, they will know the value of things and not the price.
👉2.Best awarded words in London …
“Eat your food as your medicines. Otherwise, you have to eat medicines as your food”
👉3.The One who loves you will never leave you because even if there are 100 reasons
to give up, he/she will find one reason to hold on.
👉4.There is a lot of differences between human being and being human. A Few understand it.
👉5. You are loved when you are born; You will be loved when you die; In between, You have to manage…!
If u want to Walk Fast, Walk Alone..! But if u want to Walk Far, Walk Together..!!
We all are tourists & God is our travel agent who balready fixed all our Routes Reservations & Destinations So! Trust him & Enjoy the “Trip” called LIFE…

share this to all people who are important to you…😊😊 I just did.


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